Thursday, May 17, 2012

DASHA Wellness & Spa

FitWAR is pleased to announce the addition of Chiropractic Care from DASHA wellness & spa!

DASHA offers amazing services and we're psyched to be working together! Check out the service menu below:

Active Release Technique

Muscle, tendon and ligament pain is treated by this soft tissue system-movement based massage technique that aims to restore maximum mobility and function of the soft tissue as well as release any constrained nerves or blood vessels.

Graston Technique

Treat recurring stress injuries in muscles, tendons, and ligaments using this instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique which enables specially certified clinicians to break down scar tissue and facial restrictions.

Custom Orthotics Fittings

Orthotics, which are customized inserts designed to fit in the shoe, are used to re-align the feet to a normal position, restore balance, and reduce foot pain. Orthotics are custom fit to each patient's foot utilizing a plaster cast. The molding is then used to build a customized orthotic.

In the coming weeks we will have special events and awesome perks for our members brought to you by DASHA Wellness. 

Please stay tuned for announcements.