Thursday, May 17, 2012

DASHA Wellness & Spa

FitWAR is pleased to announce the addition of Chiropractic Care from DASHA wellness & spa!

DASHA offers amazing services and we're psyched to be working together! Check out the service menu below:

Active Release Technique

Muscle, tendon and ligament pain is treated by this soft tissue system-movement based massage technique that aims to restore maximum mobility and function of the soft tissue as well as release any constrained nerves or blood vessels.

Graston Technique

Treat recurring stress injuries in muscles, tendons, and ligaments using this instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique which enables specially certified clinicians to break down scar tissue and facial restrictions.

Custom Orthotics Fittings

Orthotics, which are customized inserts designed to fit in the shoe, are used to re-align the feet to a normal position, restore balance, and reduce foot pain. Orthotics are custom fit to each patient's foot utilizing a plaster cast. The molding is then used to build a customized orthotic.

In the coming weeks we will have special events and awesome perks for our members brought to you by DASHA Wellness. 

Please stay tuned for announcements.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Does sexual activity count as exercise/cardio?

Being in the fitness industry is kinda like being a doctor in that the minute someone finds out what you do for a living they immediately ask a line questions specific to your field. I myself have been guilty of this when meeting a doctor, especially if his specialty happens to be in an area that I might have a concern in, I usually catch myself and share a sympathetic snicker but ask the question anyway. I’m sympathetic because I’m posed with all types of fitness or injury related questions all the time, some more interesting then others. One question posed to me the other day, and it’s not the first time I’ve been asked this question is ‘does sex count as exercise’? So I decided to do some research and share the information in a blog...why not.

The answer that I came up with is, not as much as you might expect. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, vigorous(is there any other kind?) sexual activity can burn about 35 calories in 20 minutes, that’s based on a 150 pound person. Compare that with running for the same amount of time (261 calories), jogging (159 calories), or moderate lap swimming or bicycling (182 calories), and it’s clear that sexual activity should at best be seen as a complement to –rather than a replacement for –your normal workouts. As a matter of fact, engaging in traditional exercise can actually improve your sex life by boosting your libido and promoting the overall systems that support sexual function, including blood flow and cardio respiratory endurance. That tells me that if you are in a relationship and are not engaging in regular sexual activity get to the gym! Or go to my web site and inquire about some of our fitness programs (shameless plug). Seriously though, sexual activity does impart some of the same benefits as exercise, including improved mood, stronger immunity, and reduced pain (as much as I want to I will not make a shameless plug here).

Food fact of the day: There is approximately 4 grams of sugar in one teaspoon. A 12oz bottle of Vitaminwater® contains 32 grams of sugar. That's 8 spoonfuls of sugar- in one drink! Conclusion: Stick with plain water!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Keep it Simple: Cardio

Being from New York, or anywhere that enjoys four seasons, there is nothing better then those first few spring like days that come at the end of February, the days start getting a little longer, the sun feels warmer on your face, it is a reminder that summer is just around the corner...WHOA WHOO!

I recently was posed a question on cardiovascular routines, a popular topic to talk about, especially around this time of year. Questions like how many times a week I should do cardio, to what are the most effective cardio machines. But before we answer those questions, it is important to understand what cardiovascular exercise means, and why it is so important to your overall health and wellness. The health benefits of cardio vascular exercise are far reaching, and have been well documented. If you were to question the average Joe/Jane on the street, I don’t think you would have a difficult time getting them to agree that cardio is good for your overall health and wellness. Now, getting them to start a routine and being consistent with it is a whole different ball game. As long as I’ve been in the fitness industry the trick has always been how to get people consistent with an exercise program so they achieve their desired goals. I always joke with people that instead of working as a trainer, I would start a pick up service. Send a collector around to take people out of their office or home or wherever they may be and bring them to the gym. With the idea being, well you are here, you might as well workout...what else are you going to do at a gym? I say that tongue and cheek, however, understanding that not everybody is a gym person. Some people prefer the outdoors, running, cycling, hiking, or brisk walks are all good choices. Perhaps you are a home exerciser. I think that the answer to what the best cardio routine is, find what best suits your personality, what you can see yourself doing three times a week...and do it! Fact: If you increase your heart rate over an extended period of time, for beginners that may be 15-20 mins, for more advanced 30 mins 3x per week, you are doing a world of good for your body. To optimize your workouts stay with in you target heart rate zone.

It is also important to note that cardiovascular exercise alone does not a complete fitness routine make. A well rounded fitness program includes not just Aerobic respiration, but equally if not more important is anaerobic respiration, which is with out the use of oxygen, and includes resistance training or training to increase muscular strength and endurance. This form actually burns more calories than aerobic respiration. By breaking down the muscle tissue your body has to use stored energy in order repair the broken down muscle, this process takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours; so your body is burning calories at an elevated rate that entire time. Aerobics generally burns a great deal higher caloric output, but the process ends anywhere from a few hours after, to with in the 24 hour period depending on the person. When coupled together, including a range of motion/stretching program, you have a complete fitness program to incorporate into your current lifestyle.

Now, if the goal of your program is weight loss then that has almost everything to do with diet, and there is no getting around that...sorry.;) If you have further questions or would like a free consultation to help you implement a program that is designed to best fit you and your lifestyle, feel free to contact us.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Our Nutrition Expert:

FitWAR would like to take this opportunity to introduce Geo Chang as the newest member of the FitWAR team. Geo will be heading up our nutrition program, and we are very excited about the knowledge, skills, and experience he brings to the table. Stay tuned as Geo will be providing lots of great tips and information as a regular contributor to our blog. Until then, learn a little bit more about Geo and his exploits below.

Geo Chang is a native New Yorker, trained as a Nutritionist and as a Certified Personal Trainer in New York City. Geo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition/Biochemistry and is RD eligible, working towards certification in Lifestyle and Weight Management. Geo has maintained a thriving practice in New York City for more than 7 years.

Here are some of the topics Geo will be covering on our blog in the upcoming months:


It’s not about fad diets and deprivation. It’s about enjoying life and the pleasure of eating well. It’s about knowing your limits and your ultimate potential!
  • Weight loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Metabolic measurement
  • A better balance between your life and your weight


Find digestive wellness with an eating plan based in proven nutritional science:
  • Tummy discomfort
  • Irritable bowel
  • Bloating
  • Food allergies
  • Gluten-free nutrition


Learn to de-stress and soothe emotional concerns through better nourishment for your mind and body:
  • Stress management
  • Detox
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Body image issues
  • Attention deficit disorder


Be kind to your heart with a diet based in heart healthy nutrition:
  • Blood pressure control
  • Cholesterol management
  • Circulation problems
  • Diabetes


Give your growing, active kids and teens the gift of eating right:
  • Kids on the go
  • Healthy meals
  • Snacks
  • Sports nutrition
  • Teen needs
  • Overweight, underweight
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Brain Health
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders

FUN FACT: Did you ever wonder how you can mosquito proof your body without using harsh chemicals? Take 100-200 mgs of Vitamin B-1 the day before, and during exposure to mosquitos, they will be turned off by the smell.

Follow @GeoTheTrainer and @MyFitWar on Twitter for more info!

Monday, February 20, 2012

What to make of Crossfit?

As previously discussed, FitWAR has promised to provide topical information from the medical, fitness, and wellness industries. Today our focus is more within the fitness industry, specifically on Crossfit gyms and what to make of their increase in popularity over the past few years. As a fitness professional, one can understand why Crossfit has grown so quickly. The workouts can be fun, very challenging, and only require some open space and very little equipment. But how safe are these exercise routines, and are they effective for everyone?

I came across a great explanation in an article written by Justin Levine, a fitness professional in central California discussing the very same subject. He does such a thorough, insightful job of answering these questions that I decided to share his viewpoint with you, as the old saying goes, ‘I could not have said it better myself.’ From a professional standpoint I could not agree more with the thoughts that have been articulated in the article. However, from a business standpoint I really hope that Cross fit continues to attract new members because after 6 months or so they will be FitWAR’s newest patients do to the various injuries sustained by the Cross Fit ‘Work outs of the day.’

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FitWAR's Most Famous Sports Injuries: Bernard King

Check out FitWAR's article on the most famous sports injuries on NearSay: Everyone knows that when it comes to basketball, it's all about who makes the winning shot. Yet, even if you are in perfect physical condition and the star of the team, a detrimental sports injury can have a lasting effect on your career. Between all the jump shots, layups and rebounds, players typically come into close contact with their opponents and even closer to utilizing their strengths in rigorous and constant training. Read more....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome To FitWAR

FitWAR Systems (Fitness Wellness & Athletic Rehabilitation) has been created to provide professional services, and education in the ever expanding lifestyle, fitness, and wellness industries. Centrally located in the trendy Chelsea/Flatiron area of New York City, FitWAR Systems has designed as its featured service, our strength and conditioning program. Founded in June 2009, the FitWAR Strength and Conditioning program combines sports medicine with the arts and science of physical rehabilitation, and one-on-one personal training. The program is designed to bridge the gap existing, until now, between the medical rehabilitation industry and the fitness and personal training industry. This was accomplished by taking the traditional medical, and physical therapy business model that generally consist of secluded treatment rooms and limited exercise equipment, and moved them onto an open state of the art exercise studio. The results are a cutting edge program that has been met with great success, and growing popularity. This fact is evidenced by our number one source of growth being client referrals, and word of mouth. The FitWAR Strength and Conditioning program accepts health insurance plans offered by most major insurance carries, so please inquire to see if your plan qualifies.

Through its many various resources, FitWAR has established itself as a top provider of professional services, and topical information from the medical, fitness, and wellness industries. We look forward to sharing these resources in future entries, and encourage you to follow along.